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Trusted House Sitters Review: The Good, The Bad & How to Get Started

Want to save money on travel accommodations? Consider being a house sitter! Trusted House Sitters gives you a place to stay in exchange for watching someone’s pets. We’ve now done four house sits and have another one scheduled for April. Here’s an honest review of the service as well as tips on how to get started house sitting.

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Barb and Mark at Cherry St. Pier Philadelphia

Answering Your Digital Nomad FAQs

In case you missed it, last week we announced that we’ve decided to become full time digital nomads. It’s a big step for us and we are grateful for all the support we’ve received.

With the support came a lot of questions, so we figured we’d do a Q&A post to answer some questions you guys had about this big change. If we missed your question, you can add to the conversation in the comments down below.

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We're Becoming Digital Nomads #wickywherever

Some News!

We have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! We’re becoming digital nomads. Yes, for real. We’re trading our little Philadelphia row home for a life on the road. We have lots to tell you and promise we will share more very soon. For now, here are some quick notes: We plan to travel the US for at least

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