seven magic mountains las vegas
selfie Mark and Barbara in Badlands National PArk

Hi! We’re Barbara and Mark.

A married couple in search of unique destinations, stays and experiences around the globe. 

We started MustLoveTraveling in 2018 as a way to document the places we’ve been and hopefully inspire others to get out there and see the world. 

We run a web design and branding agency in the Philadelphia area that allows us to work anywhere with an internet connection. In late 2019, we decided to take advantage of that and become digital nomads. A few weeks later, we sold our house and nearly all our things, packed up our car, and hit the road. For 6 months, we traveled the US, but then we all know what happened in 2020.

Despite the setback, we still haven’t lost our urge to travel. Now more than ever, we believe travel doesn’t have to be far or expensive to be enjoyable. We hope to continue to explore the world as long as we can and we’re grateful that you’ve joined us!