3 Days In Florence

The second half of our trip to Italy was spent in Florence. We absolutely loved this city and were sad to leave. While we liked Rome a lot, it felt very crowded and a bit more chaotic. Florence was much more relaxed.

How we got to Florence

We took the train from the Termini station in Rome to the Santa Maria Novella station in Florence. The ride was about 1.5 hours and cost around $35 per person. Navigating both train stations was really easy and the ride was pleasant and comfortable. The train was clean and we had plenty of space to store our luggage. We definitely recommend taking the train to travel from city to city in Italy.

What we did in Florence

It was our first time in Florence, so of course, we went to many of the big tourist destinations, but it seemed like the main thing we did was wander. Florence is a smaller city, so it’s easy to walk from place to place. There are so many beautiful things to see and fun things to do in this city. Some highlights were (in no particular order):

  1. Going to the Florence Central Market and eating the best ravioli we’ve ever had.
  2. Seeing the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.
  3. Shopping at the San Lorenzo Market.
  4. Gelato!
  5. Seeing Michaelangelo’s David.
  6. The sandwiches.
  7. Avoiding the rain by having an Italian lunch at a delicious restaurant.
  8. Seeing the Galileo museum.
  9. Drinking wine from the wine windows.
  10. The Ferragamo Museum, all about the life and career of the Italian shoemaker.



cathedral selfie


Michaelangelo's David

galileo's finger

This is Galileo’s finger.

chuch altar

michaelangelo's tomb

bridge Florence

wine window

Barbara in Florence

Mark in Florence

the best sandwich you'll ever eat

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