Colosseum and Roman Forum Tour


We just got back from a fantastic trip to Italy! It was our first time there, but it definitely won’t be our last. We spent a week in the country and explored Rome and Florence.

During our time in Rome, we of course wanted to see the Colosseum and Roman Forum.  If you plan on visiting any of the major tourist destinations in this city, our recommendation is to book a skip the line tour. Don’t think you can just “wing it” and show up. You’ll be waiting all day to get into places and won’t be able to see that much. Even though we technically went in the “low season”, there were tons of people in the city and the lines for everywhere were hours long. Even with our tour, we still had to wait in security lines, but since they give group tours priority, they weren’t too bad. Spend the extra money for the tour, it’s worth it.

We booked our tour using Viator. It was 3 hours with a fantastic guide that gave us great information and was happy to take pictures for us. There were about 15 people total on the tour, which we thought was the perfect size because it allowed our guide to answer any questions we had. Our guide provided us with headsets so we were able to hear him the entire time. We learned a lot more than we would have if we just did it on our own. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

close up colosseum

barb and mark inside colosseum

arch roman forum

roman forum

roman forum

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