Travel Goal: Seeing All 50 State Capitol Buildings

One of our travel goals is to see every state’s Capitol building. During our road trip across the US last month, we got to see 7, bringing our total to 14/50! Every State Capitol building is different and unique in its own way. Most offer free guided tours that will teach you about the building, its history, and how the government is run in each state (they are all different).

We highly recommend taking a tour if you can because you’ll not only learn a lot but often, you’ll be let into rooms you wouldn’t otherwise be allowed in. Google the building to find out information on their hours and when tours are given. Every state does it differently – some buildings are open 7 days a week, while others are closed on weekends. Some only offer tours on certain days, while others do them every day or not at all.

Here are the 7 State Capitol buildings we saw last month.

Ohio – Columbus

Ohio capitol building

inside Ohio state capitol building

Ohio state capitol

ohio state capitol

dome Ohio state capitol


Indiana – Indianapolis

Indiana Capitol Building

Indiana Capitol building

dome Indiana capitol

We were allowed inside a few of the offices during our tour.

office Indiana captitol building

Indiana capitol

Indiana Capitol

Iowa – Des Moines

Iowa state capitol

Iowa capitol

Iowa had such a beautiful library inside the building.

library Iowa


iowa capitol

Nebraska – Lincoln

Nebraska state capitol

dome Nebraska captiol

Nebraska capitol

Nebraska capitol


Nebraska capitol

Oklahoma – Oklahoma City

Oklahoma State Capitol

Oklahoma Capitol

Oklahoma captiol

dome Oklahoma capitol

oklahoma capitol

Oklahoma Capitol

Arkansas – Little Rock

Arkansas Capitol

dome arkansas capitol

Arkansas capitol

Arkansas capitol

Arkansas capitol

In the Arkansas Capitol, they let you inside their vault where you can hold $500,000! It’s much heavier than you would think!

Mark holding money in Arkansas Capitol

Barbara holding money in Arkansas capitol

Kentucky – Frankfort

We had not originally planned to visit the Kentucky Capitol Building but realized on our last day there that we were fairly close to it. They are closed on Sundays, so we couldn’t see inside, but the outside looked lovely!

Kentucky Capitol Building

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